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September 1st, 2020

We take care of you!

At Hotel Don Pancho, we have always known what most important is, the people, their well-being and their safety. For this reason, and now more than ever, we believe that it is necessary to take care of yourself and be able to make you feel calm because we are taking all possible actions to guarantee the maximum security within our Hotel and, in turn, be able to continue offering you an unforgettable and carefree holiday.

From Don Pancho Hotel we want to inform you that we are implementing all the actions, instructions and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), health authorities and the Government. For this, we have created a very strict protocol that includes all the actions carried out and in which we have further raised our standards of safety, health, quality and hygiene. Our goal is that all our guests can enjoy a well-deserved holiday with us, living the #DonPanchoExperience while being as protected and cared for as if they were at home.

Among the actions implemented to prevent COVID-19, we would like to highlight the following:

On a general level:

The entire Don Pancho team will ensure that both guests and collaborators or suppliers respect the capacity and maintain the social distance between members of different family units.

› It will be obligatory for all the guests to always take the mask to circulate around the common areas of the hotel.
› There will be signs on the permitted capacity, safety distance, traffic flows, mandatory use of hydroalcoholic gel, mandatory use of masks, etc. throughout the hotel.

At all times, the Hotel and its employees will transmit awareness messages and good practices, inform about the actions that are being carried out, and request their maximum collaboration to comply with them. Furthermore:

› All our employees are qualified and receive specific continuous training on the new procedures and working protocols with the measures to be implemented in each area.
› We ensure their adequate protection at all times, providing time and means to carry out all the prevention and disinfection measures established in our protocols.
› Disinfection practices and controls are applied upon arrival at the establishment, such as  temperature control.
› They have the individual protection material corresponding to their workplace, the use of which is obligatory and they are trained in its correct use.
› An exhaustive control of all mandatory prevention requirements established for our suppliers is also carried out.

We are reinforcing all our cleaning, disinfection and maintenance work in all areas of the Hotel. To this effect:

› A strict documented cleaning plan has been established for each area of the hotel: reception, guest common areas, employee common areas, swimming pool environment, restaurant and bars, transit areas, as well as rooms.

Measurements by department:

  Installation of protectors in reception as a protective measure between employees and guests.
› There is a disinfection area at the entrance with hydroalcoholic gel.
› Disinfection of tpv and any device used by guests after each use.
› Recommendation of payment by credit card to avoid money handling.
› Temperature control at the entrance to the hotel.
› Information on the totems of reception of the rules of the Hotel, information COVID19 and QR codes.

 All non-essential items such as brochures and information folders, laundry bags, decoration, etc. will be removed.
› Hotel information will be found in QR codes for consultation in mobile applications.
› Disinfection of our rooms with alcoholic disinfectants and virucidal products.
› All interior spaces will be aired as long as possible to ensure air renewal.
› Check out according to the protocols established for the prevention of Covid 19, guaranteeing the total and complete disinfection of the entire room before checking in.

  Single-use menus will be available in addition to digital menus for consultation in mobile applications.
› The use of a mask is mandatory when the client is not sitting at the table.
› Disinfection of customer dining areas, chairs and tables after each use, buffet and showcooking after each service.
› If it is necessary to establish shifts to avoid crowding, these must be respected.
› Capacity control and safety distance between tables in all outlets.
› The staff will wear a mask whenever they are in the room attending to our guests.
› Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser for hand disinfection at the entrance of each outlet.
› Internal systems and APPCC audits are kept up to date in the context of COVID19.

  When the entertainment resumes, the activities will always be carried out controlling the capacity and social distance of security. 

Special monitoring in the swimming pool area to ensure that the distances between sunbeds and capacity are complied with.
› Shifts will be created, if needed, to ensure that all our guests can make use of the pool and sunbeds.
› Regular disinfection of the shower area, handrails and other pool elements.
› Placement of sanitizer in all areas of passage.
› Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of our common areas with alcoholic disinfectants and virucidal products.
› In the lifts, guests who are not from the same family unit should wear a mask and turn their backs.
› No games will be available at reception for use in the game room.
› Social distancing must be respected at all times.
› Guests are required to wear masks while circulating in the hotel.

* The measures established may be modified depending on the evolution of the pandemic and the regulations in force.

And remember:

Our procedures will be constantly reviewed to ensure  their correct application, which allows us to continually update, modify and improve. From the Don Pancho we want to transmit a message of tranquility and security to employees and guests, since during these months we have not stopped working with the only objective that our guests enjoy their vacations and the employees enjoy their work with total security.

We will keep this section of the website updated, with all the news that may be produced.

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