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Here you will find information about our new amenities as well as some recycling ideas that we have prepared for you. Hope you like them!

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Our Commitment to the environment

Every day we strive to operate in a more sustainable way in order to bring you the maximum in comfort, with the least impact to our environment. Social responsibility is part of the DNA of our hotel and all its employees, which is why we always work applying a philosophy of responsible tourism in the management of our hotel.

In Don Pancho, we are constantly looking for new ways and new products that have a minimum environmental impact. This is why we are excited to share with you the launch of the new amenities and complements that you can enjoy in our rooms.

In our standard rooms we have a special cosmetic with rose hip extract without parabens. Among the main properties of rosehip are its assistance to the processes of regeneration of the skin which helps delay the signs of premature aging. In addition to these fantastic regenerative and rejuvenating properties for your skin, the amenities have an exquisite soft and delicate fragrance.

With this new line of Rosa Mosqueta amenities, we want to take care of you, your skin and your hair during your stay with us, we hope you enjoy them!

In addition, all the cosmetics in our standard rooms are made from RPET bottles (recycled plastic).

In the case of the superior and other rooms (suites and penthouse) we have chosen a sustainable natural cosmetic made in Mallorca by the well-known #Totherba brand with exquisite properties for skin and hair. Made from 100% natural ingredients, free of parabens, silicones and no animal testing. The amenities set consists of a walnut leaf bath gel, a rosemary and juniper shampoo and an apricot moisturising cream.

The walnut leaf bath gel is decongestive, refreshing and protective, and guarantees a very effective and deep cleanse, avoiding irritations. Furthermore, the rosemary and juniper shampoo has antiseptic and stimulating properties and its high concentration allows it to be used in small doses. Finally, the apricot moisturizing cream is a light, soft and penetrating cream that moisturizes, normalizes and restores freshness to your skin. Its fragrance is fresh and light and is suitable for all skin types. Your skin and hair will look like never before!

All these are presented in generous 40ml bottles made of REPT (recycled plastic).

All the complements of our amenities are packed in recyclable paper and the toothbrushes are made from corn starch.

Taking care of the environment is everyone's business,
let's help preserve it!


Original flowerpots

With bottles of different sizes, you can make very original pots for your plants and flowers.

To give it a personal touch, you can also paint, decorate them and even add a label with the type of plant... Use your imagination and for sure your result will be super original!

Decorative lighting pieces

With plastic or glass bottles, all the same or in different sizes and formats, create unique illuminated pieces. It's very easy, just buy lights from any store and put them inside each bottle. The effect of light and colour will make your decoration look very original.

Get the house organised

Do you need to organize your desk or dresser better? Recycling with plastic bottles can also help. Just cut the bottles and soften the cut with felt.


Choose two bottles of the same size and with the two bases form a container to keep any dry ingredient, super easy. What do you think for your kitchen?

Zipper for bags

The beak of a plastic bottle can be used to hermetically seal any bag you need, for example, the food bag. Very simple, simply cut the neck of the bottle below the thread of the stopper and forget about knots!

Would you like to share your recycling ideas with us?

Email us at, we'd love to hear from you!

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