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If you want your vacation to last forever, now you can take a bit of us as a souvenir. In our store you will find some of the most outstanding items of the hotel, every time you use them, it will be like being at the Hotel Don Pancho! To acquire them you can inform yourself at reception, call by phone or fill in the form that you will find at the bottom of this page. Check them out, they will bring you good memories.

Black Cup

Price: 7,00 €

Expresso Cup

Price: 9,00€

Cafe-latte cup

Price: 10,00 €

Mojito Jar

Price: 7,00 €

Tea kettle

Price: 30,00 €

Makeup Mirror

Price: 30,00 €

Pillow (70cm)

Price: 19,00 €

Pillow (90cm)

Price: 22,00 €


Price: 35,00 €

Pool Towel

Price: 20,00 €

Sleep Spray

Precio: 5,00 €

Jewerely Box

Price: 25,00 €


Price: 35,00 €


Price: 35,00 €

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