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If you want your vacation to last forever, now you can take a bit of us as a souvenir. In our store you will find some of the most outstanding items of the hotel, every time you use them, it will be like being at the Hotel Don Pancho! To acquire them you can inform yourself at reception, call by phone or fill in the form that you will find at the bottom of this page. Check them out, they will bring you good memories.

Jewerely Box

Price: 25,00 €


Price: 35,00 €


Price: 25,00 €

Tea kettle

Price: 18,00 €

Cafe latte cup

Price: 10,00 € (23cl)

Expresso cup

Price: 9,00€ (8cl)

Mojito Jar

Price: 7,00 €

Special Limited Cup

Price: 9,00 €

Small kettle white Don Pancho

Price: 7,00 €


Price: 40,00 €

zapatillas baño hotel don pancho

Bath slippers

Price: 6,00 €

Pillow (70cm)

Price: 19,00 €

Pillow (90cm)

Price: 22,00 €

Toalla hotel don pancho

Pool Towel

Price: 20,00 € | With Flap: 26,00 €

Sleep Spray

Precio: 5,00 €

Sleep Spray 50ml

Price: 9,00 €

Necesser Don Pancho

Price: 8,00 €

Wooden candle holder Don Pancho

Price: 8,00 €

Gel de baño TOTHERBA Cosmética Natural Sostenible hotel don pancho

Bath Gel TOTHERBA | Sustainable Natural Cosmetics

Price: 8,00 €

Champú Totherba Cosmética Natural Romero Hotel Don Pancho

Shampoo TOTHERBA | Sustainable Natural Cosmetics

Price: 8,00 €

Hand Soap TOTHERBA | Sustainable Natural Cosmetics

Price: 8,00 €

Body Milk TOTHERBA | Sustainable Natural Cosmetics

Price: 9,00 €

Embroidered T-shirt DP | M,L,XL

Price: 15,00 €

Embroidered Polo DP | M,L,XL

Price: 24,00 €

Embroidered Cap DP

Price: 10,00 €

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    Mantenga sus pertenencias seguras en su habitación y sin coste ninguno.

    Entrada Gratuita al Casino y Copa de Cava

    Entrada gratuita al Casino con una Copa de Cava de Bienvenida.

    Copa de bienvenida

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    Te garantizamos que siempre obtendrás el precio más bajo cuando reservas directamente con nosotros.

    * Se aplicarán excepciones en fechas específicas, por favor consultar su reserva. No aplicable a tarifa No Reembolsable, ni a nuestras habitaciones Áticos y Suite.

    Free Economy Transfer *

    The Don Pancho Hotel offers a shuttle Economy service to and from the Alicante Airport. If your stay is longer than 5 nights we offer free shuttle Economy service from Alicante Airport to our hotel the day of arrival and from the hotel to the Alicante Airport on the day of departure. RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE AT LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL TIME. OPERATIONAL TRANSFER SCHEDULE: FLIGHTS FROM 8:30 TO 21:30


    Happy Points Discount on Accommodation

    Only direct bookings earn discount points on accommodations (1 Point = 1€).


    Discount on Hotel Bars

    Enjoy a 10% discount at any of our bars for your entire stay.

    Free Use of Room Safe

    Keep your belongings in your rooms safe at no charge!

    Free Entrance to Benidorm Casino + Glass of Cava

    Receive free entrance to the Benidorm casino (includes a free glass of cava).

    Welcome Drink

    Enjoy a free drink at any of our bars.

    More Room Availability

    When partners are sold-out, direct rooms are usually available.

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    Zero deposit is required, pay directly at the hotel.

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    *Applies to bookings of 5 nights or more, one per person.

    ** Exceptions will apply on specific dates, please check your reservation. Not applicable on special non-refundable rate, nor to our Aticos and Suite rooms.