Recommended Hotel for Adults

Hotel Ideal for Adults

Our hotel is ideal for adults. Our guests have expressed, over the past few years, their desire for Hotel Don Pancho to be considered as a hotel recommended for adults. We have listened and are now proceeding to make this request our guideline. Everyone is welcome at our hotel, even though our offer and services are designed for adults.


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We are convinced that we can make the values and philosophy of the Ideal Hotels for Adults our own. Among them, and in particular, offering guests an oasis of peace and tranquillity, a differentiated service and a unique personalised attention, with which to disconnect and relax.

Our city, Benidorm, offers endless leisure options, but it is also a place with a unique environment and atmosphere, with great places that invite you to disconnect and relax. With this approach, we want our guests to feel all this peace and tranquillity.

We are aware that considering ourselves as a hotel recommended for adults is a decision that will not be able to satisfy all expectations, and that will not be shared by all our guests. We apologise to all of them, it is not our intention to dissatisfy those families who have placed so much trust in us for so many years.

Our aim to be an Oasis of Peace extends to all those guests who may disturb the tranquillity and excellence of service we aim to offer, such as stag and hen parties and other group celebrations.  Please be assured that we will do our utmost to discourage such groups who will surely find other places and venues in Benidorm where they will enjoy themselves and have their expectations fulfilled.

We thank all our clients for their continued support during this exciting journey together. We are living an incredible moment and we are sure that the Hotel Don Pancho Ideal for Adults will shine brighter than ever for all of you.