Fitness Centre

If you want to stay in shape during your holiday, our hotel gym is what you need. The Hotel Don Pancho’s fitness centre is the ground floor, next to the reception and close to the massage room. The gym is fully equipped so that you can continue with your workouts and routine. If you prefer, the gym is also a good option getting a little fun exercise



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The innovative decoration and the details featured in our Hotel have found their way into the gym. Elegantly lit and laid out, the walls are mirrored so that you can check yourself as you exercise. Details that will motivate you to work out. Our hotel gym makes it easy to stay in shape.

The gym is fully equipped with a wide selection of fitness machines, weights and cardiovascular equipment, as well as a host of accessories and details to help you to achieve your goals. If you are looking for a hotel with gym, you’ve found the best. Use our treadmill, cross trainer and exercise bike, multifunction weight machines with upper and lower pulley and press, and bench. There are also bars, free weights and dumbbells, mats and other training accessories.

At the Hotel Don Pancho, we take care of every detail for your convenience. That’s why you’ll find water, towels and fresh fruit to replenish your strength, and, of course, a locker room.

This hotel has a great fitness centre, don’t miss it!

For cardiovascular training we have:

  • A treadmill.
  • A bicycle indoor.
  • A cross-trainer.

We have the following weight machines


  • Upper Pulley for dorsal and triceps exercises.
  • Lower pulley handle to bicep curls, deltoid, buttocks, dorsal, abductors, adductors and trapezoids.
  • Quadriceps extension.
  • Dorsal and pectoral Press.
  • Adjustable Bench
  • With adjustable backrest of 45 to 90 degrees for different exercises.
  • Support for bar with built-in safety device.
  • With footrest.

And we also have a variety of accessories such as:

  • Dumbbells, weights and bars.
  • Trellises.
  • Mats.