Day Entertainment

Let the laughs begin!

In the Hotel Don Pancho you can also enjoy different activities without having to leave the Hotel. From wellness to day entertainment and fun activities.

Do you want to know them? Here are some of them, we hope you like them!


We'll tell you more

Line Dancing, get ready to hit the dance floor!

All over the world people are enjoying Line Dancing. It has become extremely popular over the last few years with people of all age groups.

Its not only a fun way to get some physical activity in your life its also a great memory workout for the brain.

You don’t need a partner just come along and have some fun.

Fun Quiz, let the laughs begin!

Because it’s not all about relaxing and sunbathing, you also have to use your grey matter during your holiday. So why not joining us for a general knowledge quiz to put your brains to the test.
Get a team together and see how well you can do. Let the fun begin!

Free Bingo, play for great prizes!

 If you want to take a break from the sunshine and try your luck playing a game of housey, this is your activity! Plus you can win some great prizes.

Play by yourself or with your partner and have a wonderful time!