Wellness Activities

The perfect way to start your day

In the Hotel Don Pancho you can also enjoy different activities without having to leave the Hotel. From wellness to day entertainment and fun activities.

Do you want to know them? Here are some of them, we hope you like them!

*Please check with us the timetables and activities available during your stay.


We'll tell you more

Gentle Stretch, the perfect way to start your day.

Join us in the morning for our gentle stretch. Whether you are an absolute benginner or a frequent gym goer we will adapt every day to suit your needs.

A little every day will do you good. And remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day but they worked on it every single day”. Stretch classes take place all year round except summer months.

Mindfulness, recharge your mind.

Mindfulness – It’s a pretty straightforward word, it means our mind is fully in control and attending to our bodies and emotions.

Imagine being completely relaxed and letting our minds take over, taking you to wherever you want to be.

Whether its relaxing on a beach, sitting in a quiet corner or laid in the middle of a beautiful cornfield let your mind take you there so you can experience true peace and heal your mind,body and soul from the inside out.

Set the rhythm for your mornings with our Aquagym classes.

During summer months join our Aquagym club and exercise in the pool while having fun with us. You can also relax your mind, refresh yourself, enjoy the music and of course, get in shape. The aquatic classes are suitable for everyone.

Have a look at the calendar of activities when you arrive at the Hotel, and don´t miss it. We look forward to seeing you!